The Beat Procrastination Programmes are based on the understanding that the permanent solution of helping people to resolve their procrastination problems, lies in the management of emotions.  Once we have learnt to manage our emotions, we can learn to manage our time/workload/energy in a sustainable and lasting way.

The Beat Procrastination Programmes help you to tackle unhelpful, elusive thoughts and feelings by using and developing your emotional intelligence and learning new skills and techniques.

The term emotional intelligence became popular in the late 90’s through the work of Daniel Goleman and others. There is plenty of published research and material available for people interested in the subject in more detail, but – in brief – the message is:
People who rely mainly on their intellectual and rational capabilities are missing out on developing important skills for managing their own (and others’) emotional states, and understanding and changing the link between their emotions, thoughts and actions.

More recently, Tom Stone pioneered the ground breaking model of the Core Dynamics of Common Problems, which puts a structure and a language around our inner conflicts and insidious feeling level decisions that are at the heart of our self-sabotaging behaviours.

Both Tony and Nicole have been using the Core Dynamics model very successfully with their clients.

Recognising that procrastination was a problem shared by a lot of their clients, they created the Beat Procrastination Programmes, by focusing the learning around emotional intelligence and the techniques used in the Core Dynamics model on beating procrastination. – For once, for all. For good.

Nicole is a member at her local BNI chapter BNI London.