Personal Benefits of beating procrastination

When we were talking about Typical Scenarios (link to correspondent page) and What procrastination is (link to correspondent page), we saw some examples of how procrastination affects us (link to correspondent page): The stress, the pressure, the anxiety, that are the result of our procrastination habits.

So imagine life without the stress, the pressure, the anxiety. – How would that make you feel? How would that change your life?

The personal benefits of beating procrastination for good include:
• Greater control in your life
• A lot more energy
• A whole lot more time
• A calm confidence when taking on new tasks, projects or goals
• Knowing that the things you choose to do are well within your capability and comfort zone
• Knowing that there is a motivating purpose to the things you chose to do
• The ability to manage your emotional state in any particular moment and to stay focused
• Increased personal freedom
• Greater peace of mind
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