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Typical procrastionation scenarios

Leaving things to the last minute, rushing around at the end, exerting extra effort to complete the task – the pressure is mounting, you become stressed and short-fused… – but, AH, the relief of having done it! – Great! – Apart from that nagging feeling that ‘of course, I could have done better if I’d had more time’… – welcome to Last Minute Mania, one of people’s favourite ways of procrastinating.

And then there’s Paralysis by Analysis:
You’re convinced that you can achieve this task. You just have to find the right and most effective way of doing it first. – And there is only one way… – And until you found it, there is obviously no sense in starting… Or is there?

Another popular candidate is The Lone Ranger:
You can or must do everything yourself – because asking for help or delegating any responsibility is a sign of weakness and not being able to cope. There’s just this small problem – you are constantly feeling isolated and in reality you can’t actually deliver everything at the same time. So you resort to delaying…

These three procrastination behaviours are just the tip of the iceberg. There are others that are equally popular, like Focusing on what’s missing, Avoiding effort and Choosing to loose.

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