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Nicole Bachmann

Nicole Bachmann is a masterful coach and facilitator with a strategic business background and a law degree.

In her longstanding career across the international media and other industries, she has successfully lead and inspired a wide range of people from many different cultures in four different languages.

Nicole is passionate about people performing at their personal best AND having fun every step of the way. She facilitates learning of individuals and groups, as well as training business people in personal development, business communication and leadership skills.

Nicole’s outstanding ability to create a safe environment where people are happy – and even eager – to open up and look at what’s holding them back, allows deep learning to occur. This frees people from old behavioural patterns, and allows them to evolve into the person they want to be, recognising and using all their abilities and skills.

In the Beat Procrastination programmes, Nicole distills her experience and knowledge about helping people to explore the emotional blocks that hold them back AND to overcome them, so they can perform at their personal best.

Nicole is a highly experienced networker, a motivational speaker much in demand, a lecturer at the University of Essex. She is the Founder of Brook & Mann, specialists in Confident Communication for Pro-active Professionals, a co-founder of, a Networking Strategist with Magic of Networking, an Executive Associate of Fraser Clarke Corporate Development.

She is a Fellow of the Institute for Independent Business, a Founding Member of the International Association of Coaches, and a proactive member of various networking organisations.