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Utterly supportive

‘The Beat Procrastination programme is utterly supportive; the homework projects are creative and revealing.

When I joined this programme I had many projects on the go and there were definite areas that just weren’t happening. Six weeks later I am totally on track, I have a much greater awareness of when feelings are getting in the way and sneaking up on me.

I whole-heartedly recommend this inspirational programme.

Just do it!’ L.M. (Aylesbury)

Get tasks accomplished

‘Anyone who wants to think about why they can’t get certain tasks accomplished should take this course.

If you are willing to fully engage with it you will find out more about yourself that you imagined possible.’

R.C. (London)

Powerful longterm effects

‘A short course with powerful longterm effects which can be carried with you for a lifetime’

L.S. (London)

Remove unproductive thoughts

‘The course has opened up new opportunities for me by helping me to remove obstacles and thoughts that were not productive and not rational. The course material is thought provoking and the style and skill of the tutors is excellent/impressive.’

B.W. (Bristol)

Life changing

‘At the beginning of the course we were asked to identify three areas in our lives that we felt needed to change.

By the end of the course, all three areas had been addressed; the necessary ‘keys’ were provided in a supportive, easy and insightful way. Thanks Tony and Nicole.’

C.J. (London)