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Everyone’s favourite procrastination patterns (2)

Avoiding effort

This is a very interesting pattern and goes something like this: you’re smart, creative and always able to make the right decision – so taking on this task/goal/project will be easy for you. However, when things get tough, and you are down to the boring implementation rather than the big idea, you get a frustrating feeling: ‘I should be able to do this easily. Why is this hard?’

This one comes from a place where your self image of being smart, creative and able is quite closely connected/identified with what you do (rather than who you are) – and therefore, when the devil jumps out of the detail, it rocks your self esteem.

You start to worry so much about not being able to do this task/goal/project or facing the disappointment of having to work hard that you start to delay or even avoid it.

So what’s going on there, then?