EQ or IQ?

Following from the last blog, it’s probably time to look at what’s going on behind those patterns, and whether we’re just ‘condemmed’ to live with them forever…

Well, you guessed it, all is NOT lost -  We CAN do something about our unwanted behavioural patterns,  if we look at the problem using our EQ rather than our IQ.

Our Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ) is more use in beating procrastination than our Rational Intelligence Quotient (IQ). Why? – Because procrastination is not a rational problem. (Frankly, if it were, you would have solved it by now – we’re very good at solving rational problems)

Something is going on underneath, on an emotional level, which keeps us in our procrastination loop – and the illusion that there is nothing we can do about is part of the loop.

So, let’s have a closer look at this? – What are the sort of things you do to keep yourself in your procrastination loop? – What are your avoidance techniques? What are the excuses you tell yourself?

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