Everyone’s favourite procrastination pattern (3)

The Lone Ranger

This is very popular with people at the helm of a business. You feel you can – or even MUST – do everything yourself. Either because you’re so smart, creative and amazing (remember
Avoiding Effort?) or there is a sense of: “If I ask for help or delegate any responsibilities, it is a sign of weakness and lack of ability.”

This creates a feeling of isolation and overwhelm and, unable to do everything yourself, you resort to delay or avoidance.

Think about the challenges that you face in your business/job every day and how often you feel a ‘fake’ if you don’t (immediately) know how to deal with it. –

How do you deal with that?

What is your preferred course of action?

What is your ‘default’ setting?

How often DO you feel comfortable to ask for help – and who do you ask, if you do?

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