Everyone’s favourite procrastination patterns (1)

In our research around procrastination, we have looked at many ways of how people procrastinate – and we have identified a few Favourite Patterns – 6 in total watch this space to get to know them all.

Let’s start with what currently seems to be ‘Everyone’s Darling:

Last minute mania

This is probably the most popular, which is why we start with it. It involves leaving everything to the last minute, rushing around in the end and really pushing the boat out to achieve or deliver the task.

This one is all about proving to ourselves how brilliant we are – I mean, how good do you need to be to be able to pull this off? Deliver, even though you only just started late last night?

Some of us get off on the adrenaline of that. Some people even confuse it with Just in Time management. Great stuff, isn’t it? – If it wasn’t for that nagging feeling right after, which whispers: “Of course, I could have done better, if I’d had more time.” This is added to by some pressure from your colleagues/peers/staff, who don’t appreciate always having to wait for you to deliver.

Or you might have a colleague/client/supplier that does it to you? Not quite as much fun on the receiving end, is it?

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