Everyone’s favourite procrastination patterns (5)

Choosing to lose

This one is slightly surreal.

Do you hate losing? Do you hate losing so much you avoid situations which bring you into competition with people? – Welcome to the Choosing to Lose procrastination pattern.

Procrastination provides the perfect way to avoid competing with others. Avoiding competing with others guarantees failure. If you don’t compete, you can be absolutely certain that you’re not going to win.

So you are spending all that energy to achieve something you hate. Interesting? Weird?  Possibly both, but that’s how it works.

You console yourself with a sense that “I would have won, if I’d tried”, which preserves your illusion of being a winner. However, looked at closely, the illusion fails to convince over the long term, which increases the fear of ever competing…

You can see where this is going…

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