What is procrastination?

You get into the office in the morning, sit down at your desk, and there is sits: That important task that you were going to do.

Yesterday, the day before – it might even have been there for days…

You start feeling the pressure of not having done it. So the next thing you do is decide to check your e-mails. That’s made you feel better, hasn’t it? – But the task is still there, waiting to be done…and so is the pressure/guilt. – Sounds familiar?

That’s procrastination.

You’ve decided to lose that stone. This time it’s going to be different. This time it’s going to work.

You will just cut out snacks for the next four weeks. – Your colleague comes by and offers you a cup of coffee. – ‘I brought some biscuits – would you like one?’ – ‘Ooh, go on then, just one…’ – Sounds familiar?

That’s procrastination.

You’re self employed and you believe in networking. You’re doing all right, thank you very much.

You’ve met someone at an event last night. They said you should give them a call. You get to your desk this morning, and you’re going to call them. You’ve just got a few things you need to finish first – the next thing you know it is 7.00pm and too late to call. Ah, well, you’ll do it tomorrow morning… – Sounds familiar?

That’s procrastination.

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