Why has it been so hard to overcome procrastination?

Because the traditional approach teaches you time management, self organisation, self discipline and even self motivation. – All important skills to learn and practice. – And that’s where the problem lies: practising those skills. Because we don’t do it, do we?

We start, continue for a week or two… and then stop. Why do we stop? – Because looking at procrastination from a rational point of view – which is what learning these skills is – doesn’t solve the underlying causes of what keeps you in your ‘procrastination zone’.

If procrastination were a rational problem, you’d have solved it so long ago you wouldn’t even remember what it was. – But you do remember, don’t you?

The Beat Procrastination programme is different. You will get:
• Personal support to obtain insights into the emotional root causes of your procrastination habits and learn powerful techniques how to resolve them.
• This will allow you to free yourself from your procrastination scenarios for once and for all.
• Fast and sustainable results on specific issues will give you the confidence to take control of your personal and professional life.
• You will take on new tasks, projects and goals with gusto and be able to complete them on time.
• You will enjoy increased personal freedom, a lot more energy and a whole lot more time.

So take the step to taking control! – Book yourself on one of our Beat Procrastination Programmes, and beat procrastination. For once, for all – for good.

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